Father Plant: Stardawg x Black Congo

Stardawg x Congo Black

Father Plant: Stardawg x Black Congo
Stardawg x Congo Black Grown by Moe Yield

The story of the Stardawg x Congo Black starts with Fresh Out Genetics buying some seeds from an old breeder online.
This breeder then had a religious revelation and stopped all cannabis-related activity. During that process, he forgot he had some unfilled orders, including Fresh Out's.
After learning of his mistake, it was too late: the purchased strain was gone. But he still had the best of his collection, which he had been waiting to part with until the end.

The breeder felt really bad about his mistake and wanted to make things right. So, he sent Fresh Out his entire remaining stock — about 20 bags in total. Among them was a special cross of Congo Black and Stardawg, a blend he claims to have created using Congo Black sourced personally during a trip to Africa.

Congo Black, a legendary strain, is a pure Sativa from its African origins, renowned for its crisp, energizing high and an aroma blending earthy tones with a hint of sweetness. Stardawg, developed by Top Dawg Seeds, boasts a well-known lineage from Chemdawg 4 and Tres Dawg. It's celebrated for its potent effects, offering euphoric relaxation and an intricate scent profile of diesel, earth, and pine, and used in many commercial cannabis strains.

Having received these seeds from my connect at Fresh Out, I grew a male plant and preserved the pollen for future MY Cultivar creations!