The Slapper x Pineapple Mimosa


Mother: The Slapper Chem de la Chem x (Wedding Cake x White Cherry Diesel) by Terpfi3nd

Father: Pineapple Mimosa by More Love

Introducing the new Kimchi line and the Kimchi mother plant, the new cultivar by Moe Yield!

Like all of our foundational strains, Kimchi has some legendary ancestors including doubled-up Chem's, Wedding Cake, Pineapple and Mimosa!

The inspiration behind the name is the idea of taking fresh fruit and then funking it up with the Chems and Diesels, like a fermented fruit Kimchi!

The odors and flavors are what you'd expect: a funky sweetness.

For the IBL we have chosen to focus on those two qualities, along with general health and vigor.

Some of the crosses coming soon include Sweet & Sour Kimchi, Chunky Kimchi, and Buzz A. Kimchi!

Photos coming soon.