Petro Skunnk

The Challenger x High Octane OG

Petro Skunnk

Created by: Moe Yield Genetics

Mother: The Challenger by Terpfi3nd Genetics (706 Skunk x 706 Sherbert)

Father: High Octane OG by Copycat Genetix (Chem Dog x Lemon Thai x Hindu Kush)

Petro Skunnk is a distinguished hybrid strain, developed by merging the esteemed genetics of The Challenger and High Octane OG. The Challenger, a dynamic blend from Terp Fi3nd, showcases the rich heritage of 706 Skunk (91 Chem x Deep Chunk) x Skunk #1, alongside the unique profiles of 706 Sherbet (91 Chem x Deep Chunk) x (Sunset Sherbet x Kimbo Kush). This parent is celebrated for its complex musky, lemon, and diesel aromas, infused with a distinct skunk funk. Known for its sticky trichomes and profound, enduring effects, it elevates the sensory experience to remarkable heights.

Complementing this, High Octane OG stands as a pure indica marvel, exuding a potent kush aroma with subtle hints of sweet gasoline. Its unique cannabinoid profile, highlighting a significant THC content and offering a deep, immersive experience, appeals to connoisseurs seeking intensity in both flavor and effect. This lineage, boasting pure, unadulterated indica genetics, enriches the complexity of The Challenger.

By combining these two powerhouse strains, Petro Skunnk emerges as a testament to its heritage, offering a unique aroma profile and a multifaceted high. Its genetic makeup promises a captivating olfactory experience and a comprehensive spectrum of effects, from the cerebral effects of the Skunk to the profound relaxation of OG. Ideal for those who appreciate a strain with a rich lineage and a dynamic, lasting experience.