MY Favorite Inline Fan and Filter for Grow Tents

Amazing value and ease of use due to its 2-in-1 design and the awesome hanging hooks.

MY Favorite Inline Fan and Filter for Grow Tents
AI rendering of an inline air filter for a cannabis grow tent

This thing is amazing! I was very skeptical when I first purchased it (the 4" version) because, if it is so easy to do it like this, why would anyone ever do it any different, right!?

First, the installation was easier than any fan or filter I have installed. I literally just hung the hooks on the bar and I was done!

I was very happy when I plugged it in and immediately it had more airflow than my AC Infinity Raxial 4".

I am not sure how well it is filtering the odor; I have had anosmia since a Covid bout in 2021. But the airflow is more than adequate, and the installation equipment is the best I have used for this type of product. I can't imagine going back to separate fans and filters for twice the price and those awful buckle straps.