MY Favorite Grow Tent Vent Hose

The best vent hose due to the unique rigid edges and tough material.

MY Favorite Grow Tent Vent Hose

This vent hose is by far the best I have ever used. It's literally the product that inspired me to start this section of the website.

I always just accepted that grow-tent ventilation hoses were difficult to install and easy to tear.

I've used the cheap aluminum hoses which will tear if you adjust them wrong and are almost impossible to get over the fan flange due to the extra piece of material that remains at the end of the wire coil (do you fold it outward or inward!?) like the one from Vivosun. This was a huge hassle to install.

So, I tried higher-end, more expensive, and domain-specific ducts such as those from AC Infinity. While they are more durable and less likely to tear, getting the over the flange is still a pain.

The hoses by Drasum solve both of these problems to the highest standard.

I love these things. Maybe everyone has already been using awesome ducts like this and I am late to the party. Whatever the case, I will never go back!