Drunken Biscotti

Biscotti x Strawmosa

Drunken Biscotti



Color: Green with white fuzz and small orange hairs, subtle purple hues at full ripeness (9-10 weeks). Mature sections may appear slightly darker.

  • Aroma and flavor of sweet onions and sour berries, with pungent and lightly floral notes.
  • Medium to high yield. Biscotti and Strawmosa, both high-yielders, contribute to Drunken Biscotti’s robust output.

Growth Characteristics:

Biscotti lineage simplifies training with fewer leaves at trim time, while Strawmosa's bushier growth demands more skill.

Biscotti contributes chunky buds; Strawmosa adds dense, spherical buds. As a polyhybrid, outcomes may vary.


  • Robust against light and pests.
  • Great balance of aroma, flavor, yield, and ease of growth.
  • Minor drawbacks include a preference against sweet strains and potential foxtailing.

Drunken Biscotti is a standout for its exceptional genetics, ease of growth, and balanced qualities, making it a top choice for both novice and experienced growers and users alike.

More information and photos about Drunken Biscotti's parents

Mom: please see our Mother Plant: Biscotti.

Dad: Please refer to our page on Strawberry Mimosa